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Hola, soy Edith a Latina Curandera who taps into ancestral wisdom and spirit guides

to offer guidance and healing for my community. As a psychic medium, I support you in connecting between the physical world and the spiritual realm, channeling messages from beyond to provide insight, comfort, and guidance to those seeking answers. My intuitive abilities allow me to connect with spirits, loved ones who have passed, and spiritual guides, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen. 

Hablo Español.


Highland Park , CA 90042

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  • What to expect from my recorded Reading?
    You provide me with your name and date of birth, which allows me to energetically connect with you and your specific circumstances. Using this connection, I conduct an Oracle reading tailored to your needs and questions. Rather than a live session, the reading is recorded privately and made available to you via a private link on YouTube. This means you can access and revisit the reading whenever you need to, at your own convenience. Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance, so rest assured that all readings are kept confidential. This recording allows you to receive guidance and insights in a way that's convenient for you, while still maintaining the personal touch and depth of an in-person session. If you're ready to gain clarity and guidance on your journey, I'm here to assist you every step of the way.
  • Do you do in person readings?
    "Yes, I do offer in-person readings as part of a comprehensive healing session. When you purchase an in person healing session with me, you not only receive the benefits of energy healing and spiritual guidance, but also have the option for an in-person oracle reading. During your healing session, we'll work together to address any energetic imbalances or areas of concern, allowing you to experience deep relaxation, restoration, and clarity. As part of this holistic approach to healing, I incorporate an oracle reading to provide additional insights and guidance that align with your healing journey. The in-person reading offers you the opportunity for a face-to-face connection, allowing me to channel messages and insights directly to you in real time. This personal interaction enhances the depth and resonance of the reading, creating a profound experience that addresses both your physical and spiritual needs. I am currently located in Highland Park, CA 90042.
  • What is the difference between a Live reading and recorded reading?
    A live reading and a recorded reading both offer valuable insights and guidance through my spiritual gifts, but they differ in their delivery and interaction. In a live reading, you have the opportunity to engage with me in real time, either through a video call, phone call, or in-person session. During the live reading, you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and interact with the cards as they're drawn. This allows for a dynamic and interactive experience, where you can receive immediate clarity and guidance tailored to your specific questions and concerns. On the other hand, a recorded reading offers the convenience of flexibility and accessibility. With a recorded reading, I conduct the reading privately and record the session for you. The recording is then made available to you via a private link, allowing you to access and revisit the reading at your own convenience. While you don't have the opportunity for real-time interaction during the reading itself, you still receive the same personalized insights and guidance delivered with care and intention. Both live and recorded readings have their unique advantages, so it ultimately comes down to your preferences and needs. If you prefer the immediacy and interaction of a live session, a live reading may be the best choice for you. If flexibility and convenience are more important, a recorded reading offers a great option to receive guidance on your own schedule. No matter which option you choose, rest assured that both live and recorded readings are conducted with the same level of care, integrity, and dedication to providing you with the guidance and support you need on your journey.
  • How long is your shipping?
    All orders are shipped from Highland Park, CA via a third party shipping company Pirate Ship that ships with UPS or USPS. You will receive an email with your tracking number. Orders will be shipped between 5-10 business days from the date of purchase.
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